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Sad tree now happy again!

We would like to thank you all for the cornucopia of concerned emails we received regarding the sad tree that we featured in a previous posting.  Specialists were brought in to help the tree deal with it’s lonelyness and depression.  It now realizes that it is not alone, and that its beauty is admired by all the passers-by.  Be sure to tell a sad tree near you how beautiful it is!  SAVE THE TREES!


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Man attempts to return to his “roots”.

Earlier this week a good friend of ours here at beautifultrees decided to perform an experiment where he attempted to return to his primal roots: plants.  This brave soul spent a few hours being one with the dandilions… the tiny trees we all take for granted.  His experience left him with a profound feeling of intense fulfillment and anguish at the beauty we ignorantly pass by every day.  Never again shall we punt a dandilion to see its beautiful leaves flutter away into oblivion… never again.

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Man made; art thou still a tree?

In order to promote discussion regarding the beautifulness of trees, we here at beautifultrees have a question for all you loyal tree-watchers. 

Oh tree so majestic and tall

Branches outstretched! Sturdy as a wall!

But must thou be made of only wood?

Or if crafted by man out of metal and steel,

Is not still this beautiful tree real?

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If God Designed a Sidewalk, it Would Probably Have Trees Like These.

Oh what would I give

To be able to live

The life of the guy

Taking care of the beautiful trees as I walked by.


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even beauty can be sad

This post is in contrast to the previous post. Only a tree could convey such a stark message on such a gloomy Monday. How do the trees know it is a gloomy Monday?? How does the tree know when it is a Beautiful weekend? How do they speak so loudly in their deafening silence??? HOW DO THEY SPEAK SO LOUDLY?!

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a weekend tree

Even trees know how to have fun on the weekend! tgibt! Thats why we love them so much here at beautiful trees.

This was taken by a Guest Photographer Joanna D.

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The mammal, howst so tall? I it now see, tis just the tree.

The tree lives. The tree provides life. Mammals and trees, like the birds and the bees.

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