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on this rocky plateau


to this rocky knoll
the Tree pays its toll
’tis an execrable place to grow:
a sparsly earthen address,
the ever encroaching water flow,
howbeit, tis not all anguish!

for, due to the rocky knoll,
the poor predestined Tree,
has thoughtfully bequeathed
phylogeny unto the it’s progeny!

on this rocky plateau

quid pro quo


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the sharpest leaf blade


the sharpest leaf blade

acrimoniously displayed,
embitteredly sad,
a truth so harshly conveyed –

when beauty becomes dejected,
so horribly wretched,
feelings involuntarily betrayed

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Pillar of Power


Pillar of Power

With steel and concrete we will always
try to imitate you,
your power, your beauty, your might.

But what is done without nature’s consent,
never accomplishes its feats-
will never reach the peaks.

We cannot remake what it grew.

What’s more, it’s obvious now that
there was no need.
The strongest, most amazing,
most perfect structures,
are right where they’ve always been.

Hidden in plain sight.

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