the subterfuge of confession

In today’s post I tackle some questions about faith; faith in ourselves and faith in the presence of others. Sometimes it is hard to understand why we sin, especially in the presence of those trying to set a better example. It is my hope that this poem clears some of these questions.

antediluvian orthodoxy
venerable piety
t’word tutelary, a proxy
the criterion of sobriety

but to the reader i cede
the deific Topiary
It comes to exceed
all this capitulary

for the subterfuge of confession
extirpates not our transgressions
not when the tree commits no sin!
Unquestionable i’morality!
oh to be so abstemious
such an immutable probity!
Oh to be! Oh to be! The tree, it commits, no sin!

2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    mikes said,

    i think this poem, above all others, really highlights your abilities within the medium–particularly with your chosen ‘Point of view’

    K edit: Don’t worry mikes, I fixed that with a better word

  2. 2

    dontdontoperate said,

    Seriously…this site went from amazing to down right amazing

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