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an essay on the obsequiousness of trees


oh! the poor obsequious Timber
thou raw strength doth make me quiver

a winter’s coat, a winter’s hat, our platitudes
willingly offered to winters of northern latitudes
but the Tree, oh! the Tree
its foliage forgo’d
for what? but strata of snow

but for self made serenity
offer’t nil to thine enemy

oh! the poor obsequious Timber
such gallant servitude to winter’s shiver


endurement of winter distress

the Tree, alone in the winter glade
to the cold, such a sacrifice made
what a daring hand is played!
woe! it sheds its leaves
woe! it sheds its seeds
naked! naked! but unafraid.

but, as the flux of time doth elapse
the trees bravery nary lapse
for the tree knows its recompense:
its spirit will soon will manifest
oh! oh! such glorious redress


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