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proxy’ing flummery!

oh strength and beauty,
such wise established duty
may we learn Your simpler way
before our minds doth decay

the man moves about
round his terse existences,
always evading his worriments,
the tree, one choice,
no matter the resistances
stands, endures the torments.

though we may cherish
extemporaneous action,
consider the tree’s
undoubted reaction-
a keystone, to us,
brokering freewill,
but flippancy to them,
proxy’ing flummery!



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Bifurcated symbiosis

Bifurcated symbiosis
betwixt the human nature,
betwixt the nature of the tree
us, a denouement of neurosis,
braced for the hammer and the sickle.

Whilst presented with life so simple
Oh how can us’t be so strict and fickle!

We live in plain sight of these topiaries;
plain view of an essence unencumbered.
Yet, we abide by  our complex lives,
a litany of laws and rules,
each one, carefully numbered.

Alas, as quiet as they may appear,
they be ever cognizant of our complex affairs,
and ask,
for our salvation,
in the midst of eternal and silent prayers.

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Tree Concerts

Hi again, it’s been too long.

We here at beautiful trees were fortunate enough to be among the many who came together for the latest gathering of arboretal enthusiasts in what are now being called: tree concerts. At these events, tree lovers of all sorts come together, take a seat, and enjoy the awe-inspiring experience of a tree in nature. The sounds, the sights, the whole thing. It truly is a wonderful event, and damn near impossible to put into words. But, as usual, us BT lovers try our best.

Stage Fright

on a sunny day,
you show us the way.
overlooking the water-

…tis a casual display
amidst this silly foreplay,
on hard plastic chairs,
shy, hiding, downstairs,
our eyes,
ugly–but filled with glamour.
enamored with such stature.

with n’ever a thing to fear
you enter the eyes, the ear.
we cannot help but be impressed
by such fanciful dress.

a true sunday best!

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Pillar of Power


Pillar of Power

With steel and concrete we will always
try to imitate you,
your power, your beauty, your might.

But what is done without nature’s consent,
never accomplishes its feats-
will never reach the peaks.

We cannot remake what it grew.

What’s more, it’s obvious now that
there was no need.
The strongest, most amazing,
most perfect structures,
are right where they’ve always been.

Hidden in plain sight.

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