the sharpest leaf blade


the sharpest leaf blade

acrimoniously displayed,
embitteredly sad,
a truth so harshly conveyed –

when beauty becomes dejected,
so horribly wretched,
feelings involuntarily betrayed


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Pillar of Power


Pillar of Power

With steel and concrete we will always
try to imitate you,
your power, your beauty, your might.

But what is done without nature’s consent,
never accomplishes its feats-
will never reach the peaks.

We cannot remake what it grew.

What’s more, it’s obvious now that
there was no need.
The strongest, most amazing,
most perfect structures,
are right where they’ve always been.

Hidden in plain sight.

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apple blossom


Apple Blossom
you are by a factor of three;
one of the most awesome;
of the most powerful trees;

The Apple Blossoms of spring
beautiful apple blooms
appear as if apple bosoms
I, for want, with one, a fling
I, for want, with one, a fling

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leaves and branches and bark


leaves and branches and bark
chips and buildings and convenience stores
leaves and branches and bark
a landscape of convenient sores
leaves and branches and bark
a single spotlight cuts through the dark

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No words can describe beauty

no words can describe beauty
for the Tress do all the talking
it all is done so beautifully and truly
that loud gasps can become audible
Their patience, Their silence, Their beauty.
feats so unbearably laudable

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Winter Trees, Winter Sleep

Winter trees, winter sleep

winter cold, from the sleet

winter cold, from the snow

winter trees, winter sleep

winter warmth,

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Beautiful Trees Mega Update

Oh the contrast between the living trees, the breathing sky, and the quenching lake. It is fortunate that the trees are silhouetted out, because their glory was blinding.

The tips of the trees are windswept, as my heart is when ever I witness a beautiful tree.

A single tree.
Stands tall.
Taller then the rest.
no friends this majestic creature needs,
for beauty such as this tree,
can be that which is most isolating of all.

Even though the trees watch over, the water is still worried.  And it should be.

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